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The Loud Lab is a creative agency and digital community that creates and curates content for creative business entrepreneurs. We specialize in web design, social media, videography, and branding. Through effective strategies paired with compelling visuals, we help amplify the online presence of those who are finally ready to cut through the digital noise.

Our team believes in the power of a carefully curated online and social presence. At The Loud Lab, creativity, reliability and strategy are our core pillars, and our priority is to ensure that you stand out in this online world.

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...then I'm living my best life.

Wow! So you made it this far. I guess you really wanted to know who the mad scientist is in the lab? My name is Dorie — pronounced duh-Ree and please don’t forget the E, it’s important 😉


I’m a Barbados-born, South Florida raised, currently in Texas living my best life… jack of all trades creative.


Basically, I’m a child of the internet. A 90s baby whose ears perk up with nostalgia at the sound of dial-up.  The internet gave me the space to discover and hone my skills, and the platform to share my talents.


In my heart I’m a creator and curator who truly loves helping others show up online as their BEST self and stand out in the crowd.


Don’t forget to check out my work. And follow me on social media! If you made it this far, I think we could be friends 🙂


– @thewifiwifey “Raised by the internet and good music.”